Blackjack Introduction and Guide

AFBCash Malaysia Blackjack Feature
AFBCash Malaysia Blackjack Feature

Blackjack Introduction and Guide

This is a basic introduction and guide to Blackjack, as the title suggested. Blackjack is an interesting and thrilling recreation, that is available in several kinds, that barely exchange the way it is performed and are well worth studying about. It is one of the most popular games in all live casinos and Malaysia online casino in the Asia region.

In this basic introduction and guide to blackjack, we will cover you with the history, rules, techniques and a gameplay of the games.

AFBCash Malaysia- Blackjack
AFBCash Malaysia- Blackjack

History of Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game with easy rules, that evolved from the game that changed into known as “Twenty-One”, which we believe originated in the 17th Century. The first written reference comes from the stories of Spanish creator Miguel de Cervantes. In France, Blackjack is also referred to as “Twenty-One” or “Vingt-Et-Un” and was played in French casinos during the 18th Century where it became very popular.

The name “Blackjack” was derived from the special bonus that a participant obtained after receiving a combination of an ace of spades and a blackjack. This element of the game has through the years become obsolete, however, the sport has retained its name.

How to play Blackjack

it is up to the participant’s ability in strategy and skill in making the decision whether or not he wins or loses, that’s why it’s extremely critical to understand and remember how blackjack is played. The advantage of the online casino can be decreased depending on the player’s skill to play the game. That is the reason why the game is so famous among strategists.

Blackjack techniques

To a lot of players, blackjack has turned out to be a lifelong fun and enthusiasm. This is proven by a large number of books and strategies created by the players.

If you want to try out Blackjack, I suggest you try the game with a real-life dealer. Not only will you play with real cards, but the game will be a more pleasant experience if the cards are dealt by a real dealer, whether it’s online or in a real casino. However, your time for making decisions in this type of blackjack is limited. That is why we do not recommend trying it until you have learn the basic strategy.

When playing Blackjack, it is actually a competition of mind and skill between you and other players. Also, applying advanced strategies can lead to obtaining a huge amount of profit from the casino, but do not expect blackjack to make you rich. Always remember to be a responsible gamer/ gambler, and enjoy it as an entertainment which can keep you happy.

If you are interested in trying card counting in Blackjack, the only way for you to do so is via live game and the virtual games or computer-generated games will automatically shuffle after each game round. In order for you to do so, it is best you practice the game using online live casino Malaysia before playing in a real live casino.

Rules of blackjack

Blackjack is most often played with six decks of French cards (the number of decks may vary from 1 to 8), with each deck consisting of 52 cards – from a two to an ace in four suits (including two black – spades and clubs  and two red – hearts  and diamonds ).

Cards from 2 to 10 have their face value, the cards from jack to a king are worth 10 points and an ace is worth a variable value of 1 or 11. An ace has the ability to create so-called “soft” combinations, which practically means that, given an ace and 8, the total can be either 9 or 19. This is called “soft 19”. This value of the combination at the start of the hand counts as 19, but if a player draws another card and the sum exceeds 21, the value of the ace is reduced to 1.

Example: –
The combination of an ace and a 7 is called “soft 18”. It has a value of 18, but if the player decided to get another card and got an eight, the value of the ace would automatically become 1, making the entire hand worth 16.

Blackjack is played against the dealer, with the player aiming to obtain a higher value hand than the dealer, but not exceeding the value of 21. If you exceed 21, the game is over regardless of the sum the dealer has reached. If the dealer exceeds the limit of 21, the player wins, but only if the player hasn’t exceeded the limit of 21 himself or herself.

The basic pay out ratio for Blackjack is of 1:1. If the player gets a combination of an ace and a card worth 10, the normal pay out ratio for Blackjack is usually 3:2, but also depends on the house rules.

There is another rule that after reaching the sum of 17, the dealer has the right to not draw another card. However, the rule does not apply for soft 17 it’s not automatic. This rule may be applied differently, so the dealer might draw another card or stand on soft 17, depending on the specific rules used in that game. If you play online, the instructions and rules in play are always displayed. Usually the instruction says “Dealer stands at soft 17” and “Blackjack pays 3 to 2”.

If you happen to come across a type of blackjack, where the blackjack is rewarded at a ratio lower than 3:2 (mostly when playing with only one or two packs of cards), you should be aware that casino’s edge is much higher when this rule is applied.

Blackjack: Game Play


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