How to win XE88

How to win XE88-
How to win XE88-

How to win XE88 online slot game

Join the fun on XE88 with AFBCash now!
Join the fun on XE88 with AFBCash now!

“How to win XE88” is the most common question you can find on Google after the launch of this fun and exciting game brand. Similar to hundreds of online slot games outside, tips and strategies of how to win XE88 are made up series of methods. These methods increase your odds to win the game and giving you a chance to bring home big bucks.

As we have just mentioned, XE88 is an online slot game hence it is similar to a lot of slot games online. Therefore, it is very easy for you to get familiarise with it, even if you are just a newbie. Even with only a small amount of wager, you still stand a high chance to get a big return or even strike a jackpot! Do understand that the jackpot, sometimes also known as Mega Bonus or Ultra Bonus, can go up to thousands or even hundreds of thousands in payment! So now you understand the reason why slot game is such a popular game, if not the most popular in online casinos.

XE88 Winning Tips and Tricks

Here in trusted online casino Malaysia 2020, we are obliged to share our knowledge and experience on how to win XE88. In actual facts, XE88 winning tips and tricks are often kept away from the media. The reason for this is because professional players are often reluctant to share their tips, tricks, and most importantly experience. This is how they gain upper hands in the games. Furthermore, most of the tips and tricks involve partial exploit of the system, and if they reveal their secret, then the system might have maintenance or patch to remove the bug hence making them unable to exploit it any more.

However, on our website, we are not reluctant to share these tips and secrets. Reason? Because we need to understand that the backend system nowadays is monitor by A.I. system and not human anymore. Due to these, the system will definitely be able to detect the bug sooner or later by studying the system abnormalities.

All game has a different winning rate

A lot of players, even though it has invested lots of time, money and effort into the online slot game, still fail to realize the fact that ALL SLOT GAME HAVE DIFFERENT WINNING RATE. Hence the first tips for our reader, explore and study the winning rate. Normally the game with plenty of different winning patterns has a much higher winning rate. You can always check the information on the game via the online slot game information panel. The games with a lot more lines for betting are normally the ones with a higher win rate.

Take, for example, Green Luck Slot Game of XE88 is a 4×5 Reels with 40 types of winning patterns lining. This is one of the games in XE88 with a high winning rate. Why is it so? The reason is simple and logical: the chance of 1 wildcard will grant you a much higher chance of winning one more line. In short, a wild card in a game with only 20 lines might grant you 2 to 3 line of winning chance but with a 40-lines winning pattern will definitely grant you more than 7 to 8 patterns.

Hence, always find a game with a higher winning pattern.

Always change the game

Tips number 2 in how to win XE88: Always change the game. Why is this an important tip? Always remember nowadays, they are using A.I. to monitor all software activity. If we keep on playing the same game with the same pattern, the same way, the system will most likely detect and mark our action as suspicious activities and get our account banned. Also, don’t you feel bored by just playing the same game?!

Martingale Strategy

A lot of people will ask, “Isn’t Martingale Strategy for Roulette only?”. You all need to understand that Martingale Strategy is a probability theory that stated a sequence of random variables (i.e., a stochastic process) for which, at a particular time, the conditional expectation of the next value in the sequence, given all prior values, is equal to the present value. -from Wikipedia.

To make it short, you cannot constantly stay in the same state, either winning or losing, for a long period of time. Hence our advice to all the players, always start the betting at the smallest value. Double the value when you are losing for a period of time, and the chance of you winning more is actually much much higher. After that, when you achieve a winning stage, lower the bet again. Rinse and repeat.