Online Slot Games Malaysia

Online Slot Game Malaysia: What is?

The online slots game is one of the most popular games in an online casino, if not the most popular. Online slots always aim for simple and exciting to play. You only need 2 things to play and win the game: money and 100% pure luck.

Slot games have undergone tremendous changes since its invention by Charles August Fey since the end of the 19th century. From a big, bulky piece of metal machine, to a software that you can install on your phone that fits your pocket.

So what is a slot game exactly? To put it in a simple way, a slot game is a game where you pull a lever on the machine or push a button on the screen to roll the reels until it stops spinning and hoping it will form a pattern in a straight line. Old style slot machines only have a 3×3 display so you only need to form 1 single straight line in the middle to win the game.

Online Slot Games vs Slot Machine

Increasing Lines of Betting

However, the rules had changed greatly over the years especially when we play slot games nowadays on a computer or smartphone.  In this digital era, the reels are mostly made up of 5×3 or 5×4 reels, and also the pattern of the line is not a single straight line of 3 patterns anymore. Currently, in the market, most of the online slot games come with 25 types patterns line and most of them are not even straight.

5x3 Online Slots winning Pattern-
5×3 Online Slots winning Pattern-
5x4 Online Slot Games winning Pattern-
5×4 Online Slot Games winning Pattern-

As you can see from the picture above, the new era online slot games allow you to buy between 25 to 50 types of lines of different patterns. This greatly increases the fun and excitement when playing the games.

Free credits: Features and Wild Cards

Digital slot games also had another feature that isn’t available on the convention slot machines: feature and wild cards. A player can obtain free credits or free spinning chances when getting features or wild cards.

Online slot games feature-
The Online slot games feature-

Feature in online slot games will let you play the game for free. A player will trigger the feature when a certain requirement is met, such as getting a special picture or form a special pattern.

The online slot game wild card-
The online slot game wild card-

Wild Card is the ace pattern in online slot games! Everyone loves the wild card as it will greatly increase your chance to win more credits. The wild card can appear as a single picture of 1×1 size, or in various giant sizes, such as 1×3, 2×2, 2×3, 3×1, etc.

Animated Graphics

All online slot games are now software generated with colourful and attention-catching animation. These animated graphics will often bring the game to another level as it is extremely fun and exciting to watch while playing the games.

Music and Sound effects

Music and sound effects also greatly improve and enhance gameplay experiences. Modern games all come with nice, powerful and touching music. Also to mention, the sound effects will change according to the games to capture the users’ emotion, e.g., exciting sound effects will starts when the game enter a feature, getting a wild card and winning a mega win!


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